3 Reasons Why People Need To Know You Broke Up

Today I want to talk about sharing your story. Should you tell what happened or not and if yes, does everyone need to know what happened?

These are questions I asked myself after my breakup and I didn’t know what to do. I remember myself after my ex broke up with me. I went home crying and then I told everything to my mom. On one hand, I was happy because I felt relief and, I felt like it’s okay to cry near her because she knew what was happening. On the other hand, she kept asking me questions I preferred not to answer in that stage.

Do only what you think is right for you

Well first you don’t have to tell your story, it’s your life and you have the right to decide to do whatever you want. I recommend you tell it because of many reasons and let me share them now with you.

You don’t want to do it alone

First of all, the healing process is long, it might take days, weeks and sometimes even months to full recovery and believe me, you don’t want to do it alone, it will take you much more than it should, and it will be much harder than it already is. You will need help throughout that way and your friends and family will be there if you just let them know.

Secondly, when you tell your story and what you feel it will give you a good feeling, feeling of relief. If you hide what you feel you won’t be able to cry and let the pain out and this is bad. Of course, if you share your story and people start asking questions you don’t want to answer right now, tell them you prefer not to talk about it right now and it’s understandable.

Another reason is that you might have things to close with your ex, things about money for example and when it comes to negotiation you can’t allow emotion affect you and this is why it’s best to have someone you trust to help you with that and not to do it by yourself.

Share your story with people you trust

Now about whom you need to tell the story. Well, I think you need to tell it to the people who are close to you and the people you trust. But also when you are at work and you are in contact with people, they will probably see something is wrong with you. So, it’s better to tell them you are going through a tough period so they can know you aren’t going crazy without a reason. And again, it’s okay to say you aren’t ready to talk about it right now and people will leave you alone. But don’t hide everything because you won’t get the results you want, and it will just hurt you.

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