3 Ways To Overcome The Days You Think You Will Never Forget Your Ex

Today I want to talk about bad days, the days when we fall when we want to give up and we’re sure we will never forget our ex and move on. I will show you what you can do in those kinds of days to feel better.

You have to overcome obstacles

Let me first start with a scenario I believe you know well. You feel like you’re doing well, you feel like you’re over your ex. You start feeling better and you enjoy life again. You have confidence and your self-esteem is higher. You even think you are now ready for a new relationship. Maybe you still think of your ex, but you feel good, it doesn’t make you feel bad. Suddenly one day, after you thought you were over it, it surprises you. Maybe it’s a song that reminds you of everything, maybe it’s a message from your ex, a picture you saw, or just something random that makes you think. What does happen then? You fall, you break, you think your heart will never be mend, you cry, you want to shout, you want to give up. You start blaming yourself, you’re judging yourself and you go back. You feel like all the progress you did was useless.

If this scenario happened to you, you’re not alone, I think almost everyone who is going through a breakup has days like this. Maybe it lasts for some days and maybe only one day. Maybe it comes only once and maybe every few days or weeks. A breakup is a roller coaster, sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down. One day you believe you’re over it and another day it seems impossible to achieve. As in life, you have bad days, also during the healing process. Bad days are part of life and you have to overcome the obstacles. It’s normal to have moments when you feel like everything is collapsing, nothing is wrong with you if you have them. Look at yourself as a fighter, you have the battle to win, you have to be happy. Throughout the way you will have obstacles and falls, you will have to overcome them, don’t be afraid to do it, you have all the abilities to do it. The outcome of winning is amazing, and you have to achieve happiness.

A quote I like says that “Obstacles do not block the path, they are the path”. Bad days are part of your growing and learning process. When you are hurt, you learn, when you learn you grow, when you grow you become a better person, a stronger person, a happier person. Don’t be afraid of bad days, those are the days that make you the strong you are.

How to overcome obstacles

Once you understand you are going through something natural and that anyone can have such days, you will make a huge step toward moving on. And yet, even if you understand that you feel bad in such days and you want to overcome them as fast as possible. So, the good news is that you can do some things to ease the pain.

First of all, once you’re aware you are having a bad day and you understand it’s something temporary and it will pass soon, you make the pain weaker immediately. When you are aware of things and you don’t let yourself sink in them and lose yourself in thoughts, you have the control. When you have control, things are better, and you can overcome everything. A good exercise to be aware of things is to meditate. Meditation helps you to be aware of what is going on, be aware of what you think, be aware of what you feel. Being conscious is crucial. More information about meditation you can find in my last episode called:” Controlling your thoughts will heal you”.

The second thing you can do, prepare a list of all the things that makes you feel good. You can include anything in the world that makes you feel good. It can be songs that make you feel optimistic, it can be movies, people you love to talk with, the food you like to eat or just anything you love. When you have a bad day, look at your list and see what you can do now, maybe you can talk with the people you love, look at pictures of great days you have, eat your favorite food, watch a movie that makes you feel good. Don’t be passive, don’t let yourself sink in a bad mood.

The third thing you can do if you feel like you’re about to explode. When you feel like you have so much you want to say and when you feel overwhelmed. Write down. Simple but effective. Just start writing down all that comes to your mind. You can make it a letter for your ex or just a letter without destiny. Just write and don’t stop, let everything out. If you hate writing, you can speak in front of the mirror and record yourself. Don’t judge yourself or your feelings, don’t think about the words you say or write. Let everything out, let your mind clean itself. When you feel like you have nothing else to add, just throw the letter away, delete the record.

“We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges”, remember that this is what bad days are. Don’t be afraid of them, don’t judge yourself because you have them and don’t think you’re going crazy because they are part of life. Be ready to fight for your happiness, meditate, do the things that you love and let the words go. Whether the way you choose, I’m sure you will have success. All you need is courage and patience, bad days are just days, and after each day a new day is waiting for you.

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