Can A Breakup Affect Your Physical State?

Banuel Dogayman
2 min readJul 16, 2020


When our heart breaks it affects not only the heart but also the body. Breakups affect our bodies, our minds, and our soul. After a breakup we usually feel physical pain, we don’t want to eat and sleeping is now a difficult mission.

If you’re after a breakup and you feel stress, don’t worry, it’s something natural. The main problem with a breakup is that we believe it affects only the soul while the rest of the body stays the same. This is not the case, because the soul and body are tied and affect each other.

Daily missions are hard to do, you can’t think clearly and you think that you’re going crazy. I want you to be aware of the situation. It’s normal that you can’t do simple things as always or that you tend to forget things. The breakup can make you think about a lot of things that will directly make you feel stressed, so again, it is totally fine and natural.

Don’t forget your health

When you realize that to heal yourself you have to take care of not only your thoughts but also your body you will be on the right way. I talk a lot about how to heal our soul after a breakup in other posts. But in this one, I want to talk a little bit more about the body aspect. Because this is something people tend to forget but very important.

Sleep well

You have to focus on is your sleeping. You must sleep at least 7 hours a day because it will give you more energy and help your body calm down. If you don’t sleep well it’s not healthy and it will cause you more stress. I know it’s hard to sleep when your mind is full of thoughts and fears. Try to listen to music you love before going to sleep or read a book.

Eat well

You have to focus on is eating. You have to eat to give your body energy. Maybe you aren’t hungry but you have to try and eat. The emotional state you are in consumes a lot of energy, so eating can help.

Do sport

I can recommend you to do sport. Because sport reduces stress and it’s healthy. Also, sport can distract you from thinking all day about your ex and crying. So the sport can be amazing.

So don’t forget to take care of your body as well because it’s connected with your soul and treating your body will help you a lot.

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