Don’t Forget Yourself

Don’t forget yourself. This is so crucial and simple and yet so many people tend to forget themselves after a breakup. I want to give you tips to make yourself feel better.

We only think about the pain

After a relationship ends people usually stop treating themselves, they don’t eat well, they don’t do sport, they don’t sleep enough and more. This is natural because first of all after a breakup it’s hard to find the motivation to treat yourself and secondly, we tend to think only about the pain we feel, our ex, and the relationship. We only want to relieve the pain and we forget our psychical state.

But the fact is that the body and the soul are connected. If you want to feel happy you need to feel good. It’s so hard to feel happy when you don’t sleep and eat well. Many studies support the fact that our mind and our body are connected, and we can’t be really happy without treating ourselves.

Treat your body

To move on and find your happiness, it’s time to treat your body because it will heal your soul as well. I know it’s hard and I know you can’t sleep or eat even if you want to. But it’s time to do it because you will feel an improvement faster than you even think. Start doing sport, eating, and sleeping well and in general do whatever makes you feel healthy and energetic. You will find out how happy it makes you feel even though you are after a breakup. Also, such activities can make your mind think about other things as well and not only about your ex. Once you find yourself and do what you need to do to make yourself a healthy person you will see how good you feel.

Let’s Connect

Do you feel lonely? Do you feel like no one understands your pain? I have good news for you, you’re not alone! There are so many people who are in your place and this why I created a supportive community. Join our amazing Facebook group and connect with others who try to heal their broken heart. You will also get access to more information, tips and my personal support. Click here to join the group!

Do you prefer the audio version? Want to discover more broken heart tips? Click here to listen to the podcast episode!



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