Don’t Hate Your Ex After A Breakup

Do you hate your ex and think he or she is a bad person? In this article, I will explain exactly why you shouldn’t hate your ex.

People think there are only 2 options, or you love your ex or you hate your ex. I want to talk about the second case when you hate your ex. People believe that if they hate their ex they will stop loving them, won’t think about them, and will forget them. But this is not true, because when you hate your ex, you put effort and energy and feel feelings even if they are negative ones. When you do that, your mind considers that person as an important one and therefore you will think about that person even more. Not only that but you will also hold into bad feelings that can even hurt your health.

The best solution is to let the feelings go, the good and the bad ones. Just make your ex as a simple person, not as a special one. Don’t hate them, don’t give them special attention. If you have things that remind you of them, throw them or at least hide them. If you aren’t ready to do so, you aren’t ready to move on. So it’s important to make decisions even if they are difficult.

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