How Breakup Will Help Your Next Relationship To Be Better

Banuel Dogayman
2 min readAug 19, 2020


The checklist everyone has

Everyone has his checklist with all the things that he wants, with all the things his partner needs to have. And it’s good because checklists are there to protect you, to try to push away people who are bad to you. Checklists shouldn’t be too long and not too short. If your checklist is too long, it might be a sign you love yourself and you know what you deserve and therefore you feel the right to demand the same. But the perfect person doesn’t exist, you don’t need to be too hard because it will hurt you.

If your checklist is too short, it might be because you underestimate yourself to improve your self-esteem. I am sure that you are an amazing person and you should love yourself, you deserve that.

We learn from a breakup

Breakups often teach us what we want from a partner, what we don’t want, what we love, and what we hate, what hurts us, and what makes us happy. It helps us update our checklist and see what we need to look for in our future partner. But be careful not to include all the people in the world in your pain. If your ex did something or hurt you, it doesn’t mean all the men or women will do that.

There is no real rule on how to choose your partner or how long your checklist needs to be. I just ask you to be aware of your choices and see what important to you and what you can work on. Don’t compromise on being loved. You must feel appreciated and love and if it doesn’t happen, go away, you deserve more. Don’t compromise on all the things that are important to you. But do compromise on what isn’t a big deal for you because this way you will meet amazing people.

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