How Can You Know You Are Over Your Ex?

How can you know you are over your ex? This is a question a lot of people ask. And it’s an interesting question because I always speak about how to heal a broken heart and how to move on and everyone focuses on that, but nobody speaks when it’s time to stop the “healing process” and know you are over it. You are over your ex and you aren’t heartbroken anymore.

Here are some signs to know if you are over your relationship or not. First of all, it’s important to mention that you won’t get here any specific clue because every person is different and every healing process is different. The way I moved on isn’t for sure the way you did, so keep that in mind.

You feel nothing

When you think about your ex but not like the last times, this time you feel good or even feel nothing, it’s a good sign. In the beginning, we tend to think about our ex and feel something, miss them, hate them, be angry with them, cry, and more. So if today you can think about your ex and you don’t feel anything and you can control what you feel, you are in the right way.

An important note: you won’t be able to not think about your ex at all. Your ex was a big part of your life and some of the memories will last forever but while you can control them there’s no problem with that.

You need to talk about the breakup anymore

If you don’t feel like you have to speak about your ex and your breakup story it’s a good sign. I remember myself after the breakup. I always wanted to speak about my story and let the people know what happened and how I felt. Maybe I was looking for a solution, maybe you feel like you have to do it. Once you don’t want to speak about that because you don’t need to, you can know you are doing well because this means that your ex isn’t a big part of your life anymore.

You love someone new

Another sign to know you are over your ex is that you are in a new relationship and you love your partner. I don’t speak about being in a relationship just to forget your ex but about a healthy new relationship where your ex doesn’t play any role. You are happy with your new partner. If you aren’t in a relationship don’t worry it doesn’t mean you aren’t ready for a new one.

And the last thing I want to add is about when to stop the “healing process” you do to heal your broken heart. The main thing you need to do is to improve yourself and make yourself happy and strong. This is something you should be doing every single day for the rest of your life so even if you are over your ex. Don’t stop learning and doing the things that you love.

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