How To Deal With An Unexpected Breakup

Life is full of surprises and life is a surprise by itself. No one can know what will happen tomorrow. Life is unpredictable and also most of the breakups are unpredictable. For example, my breakup was a huge surprise for me. I was in love with my ex and I could only think about how perfect she was and how happy I was. I didn’t see any clues, I didn’t see she didn’t feel the same way I did, I was blind and when we broke up it just took me by a total surprise.

Maybe it also happened to you. Maybe you saw that coming but you couldn’t do anything to stop it. A heart breaks in a second, it takes only one glance, one sentence, or even one word to break it. It takes time to mend it, to heal it, to forgive, to move on. It’s not fair I know that, but this is life, this is love. A broken heart is a bad surprise there is no doubt about that.

You can spend your following months crying and complaining about how bad your life is. How your ex destroyed them. And you know what, you have the full right to do it. But I know from experience that it won’t help you, it will just hurt you and make the healing process longer. I want you to look at things differently. In a way that will let you heal faster and feel happier. You deserve to be happy, but you will have to work for it.

Life has beautiful surprises and soon your turn arrives. You will meet new people who will bring light to your life. You will have experiences and discover new things that will make you happy. You will find an amazing person who will make you happy and give you all the things that you deserve. You will have an amazing relationship because you deserve it. Meanwhile, until this magical person comes into your life, enjoy the surprises of being single. It can be special to be single because you can learn so many new things and experience so many new things which will make you a better person and a better partner in the future.

Enjoy life, don’t forget to smile, and let no one take it from you.

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