How to Move On After Being Cheated

Banuel Dogayman
3 min readAug 2, 2020


Your relationship ended and you discovered that your partner cheated on you and you ask yourself what now?

In this article, you will discover exactly what to do after being cheated and how to feel much better.

Breakup is horrible, it hurts and it feels like it’s the end of the world. But when you add cheating it becomes even more painful. Here are some tips to move on:

Don’t blame yourself

No one is perfect, every couple has problems, every person has flaws and you can never be the perfect one. When there is a problem the best thing and the most logical thing to do, is to talk and try to solve the problem. If your ex decided to cheat on you instead of dealing with the problem, it’s their fault, not yours. So free yourself from feeling guilty.

Don’t look for explanations

Don’t look for answers. Don’t try to understand why your ex cheated on you because you won’t find any answer or at least not one which will satisfy you, so just accept the reality as it is and focus on the present.

You aren’t the only responsible

I’m not saying you are perfect and you have nothing to do with the fact the relationship ended. But also don’t think your partner was perfect. Your partner didn’t take responsibility for your relationship. Instead of trying to make things work and improve the situation, they decided to run away and to cheat on you. You can only improve the things that are under your control but if your ex doesn’t do his or her part, it’s not your fault. Always try to change yourself and improve yourself, don’t try to change others, you deserve someone who loves you as you are. If you love yourself then don’t change yourself, you will find someone who loves with all of your flaws, fears, and insecurities.

Don’t compare yourself with your ex’s lover

There is no sense in doing so because again it’s not about you or what you have neither about what she or he has that you don’t. It’s only about your ex and their problems.

Something else I want to add. I don’t know if a cheater will be always a cheater, but I think if someone did it once, it can happen more times. I personally don’t think you need to return to someone who cheated on you because you don’t deserve that, you deserve much better. It’s up to you. If your ex comes back and says he or she is sorry and you believe them so go for it, I don’t think you deserve it.

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