It’s Time To Learn From The Breakup

Learning from your relationship and ex-partner is something very important you have to do after your breakup. A breakup hurts but it teaches so much and if you don’t use it to learn, your pain will be useless.

To be able to get the maximum of this breakup, take a paper and do the next exercise. Write down the following things:

Write about yourself

Start with yourself, you are the most important, write down all the things you loved about yourself in the relationship, all the things you think you did well, all the things that make you an amazing partner, all the reason why to be with you. Add all the positive things you think you can bring to your next relationship, to your next partner. On another paper write the things you want to improve; the things you think you didn’t do well, and you need to improve and write your fears so you can be honest with yourself.

This stage will help you see how amazing you are, how you can improve as a person and a partner. Be careful about the negative things about yourself. The goal is to learn and improve yourself and not to feel hate or hurt your self-esteem.

Write about your ex

Do the same with your ex, write all the things you loved, all the things your ex had and you want your next partner to have. Also, write all the things you didn’t like, it will help you make a better choice of your next partner. Be careful not to feel hate towards your ex, this is not the goal, only to learn and move on.

Write about your relationship

The last thing you need to do is writing down what you loved and what no in your relationship in general. This exercise will help you be more focused while looking for your next boyfriend or girlfriend and will help you take out the most of this painful period.

It may take you some time or even a couple of days, but every time something new pops up write it down.

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