Motivation For Heartbroken

It hurts

Sometimes your relationship ends and that’s it, without any other explanations. Not always you will be able to hear the answers you want to hear, not always you will have the opportunity to even ask your questions. Maybe you predicted it, maybe it shocked you, maybe friends and family tried to warn you. No matters how it happened and what was said, heartbreak hurts. It’s hard to overcome it. A person who was a part of your life, a part of your dreams, a part of your heart, isn’t there anymore.

5 years ago, when it happened to me, it took me by surprise. I thought everything was perfect and I was with the perfect partner, I wanted it to last forever, I never thought it would end one day until it happened. I believed it was the end of the world, I believed I would never love again, and I believed love is bad. I didn’t know what to do and how to move on, I didn’t know how to live my life without her, without being able to share things and tell her how my day is.

Soon you will see amazing results

I know that feeling, I know what you feel now, really I know that. I am sharing it because today I am in a really good place and you will be also. I know you think now it’s impossible, I know you think your story is different and your ex is different, and you won’t be able to forget them. I know how far things seem right now but day by day things will be better you will see that.

Read other posts of my blog, work on yourself, on your dreams, do whatever fills you, and you will see how things are getting better. Everything will be just perfect I promise you, don’t give up.

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