Should You Change Yourself

Time for changes

A broken heart can lead to a loss of entity, it can make you ask yourself “who am I?”. You aren’t the same person you were before the breakup, it’s a fact. Maybe you noticed it and maybe you will notice it. Some changes will be good ones because you will learn new things, you will be able to make your next relationship much better, you will be able to love yourself more and many more lessons I don’t want to tell you about because you will discover them by yourself. Maybe you don’t see it now and you think it’s crazy but it will happen.

Of course, there will be some bad changes, you will be more careful before you fall in love again and maybe you will trust people less. Don’t judge yourself, hug these changes, they will be there to protect you.

Don’t let the break up break you down

I think you need to change, to build yourself as a new person, a stronger one. Of course, stay who you are with the things you love, but define yourself as a new person with new dreams, new goals, don’t let the break up break you down and make you give up on your dreams. But it’s important to understand that by saying a change I mean improvement. Make yourself a better person. Do it for yourself and only for yourself not to make your ex fall in love with you again and not because they said it, but only because you want to.

I ask you to stay a good person. I know that you are hurt and maybe you are angry with your ex or even hate them, but don’t be a bad person, it’s never a good decision. Don’t hate people, don’t hold into bad things, be good, and good will return.

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