Should You Run After Your Ex

After a breakup, we tend to run after our ex. We send messages, we try to call them, we spy on them on social media and we do everything we can to make them come back. We sometimes even do crazy things, things we will regret, for sure in the future.

Today I want to explain 3 reasons why it’s a bad idea and why you have to let your ex go.

It doesn’t matter if you want your ex back or you want to move on. In both cases, you have to let your ex go. Maybe you keep talking with them because you are used to, maybe because you are afraid, they will forget you and maybe you can’t control that and you can’t stop.

The first reason why running after your ex is a bad idea is because you are hurting your ex’s freedom. I know it’s hard to even think about the other side and be respectful if they weren’t, but you have to be. You have to stay a good person even if someone hurts you. I don’t want you to change yourself because of anyone.

Your ex decided to let you go, to give up, to move on, to go, to forget you. It’s their full right. Even if you think they’re wrong, even if you think that only with you, they can be happy, and even if you think that you can prove them wrong. You have to respect their decision, you have to understand that any person can do whatever he wants and go with whom he wants. You can’t control that. I know it’s hard to accept and it’s painful, but you can’t take someone else’s freedom. If you do, it will unexpectedly return to you and you don’t want it. Respect others be a good person, it’s always the right thing to do. Let your ex go and if they want, they will come back, I promise. If they don’t, you deserve better.

The second reason why you shouldn’t run after your ex is that you have to learn a lesson. Maybe your ex will come back and maybe not. But for now, things didn’t work out, you broke up. That means something is wrong in the relationship and you have to understand what. It can be useful for your next relationship and it can be useful if your ex returns.

Anyway, a breakup is an amazing lesson. You can grow from it so much, you can become a better person, a better partner. It will help you understand better what you’re looking for, what you love, what you don’t want. If you use all of your energy in returning your ex, maybe you succeed but the truth you lose. You lose a great lesson you could have learned. This is why I ask you to focus on yourself, take a break. To think, to reflect on things, to grow, and to learn. You have to give that lesson to yourself.

The last reason why you have to take things slow and analyze the situation is that your ex decided to let you go. Right now, you have feelings, you don’t want to let go of the person you love. But ask yourself, do you want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you? Do you want to choose someone who doesn’t choose you? That can’t be the right person for you if he doesn’t want you around.

When you take time to think about the situation you will be able to make better decisions. You don’t want to do things that are wrong to you just because you’re impulsive. Take your time and think if it’s right for you to be with that person. Maybe you will understand you deserve much better and there’s no sense in trying to get him back.

I wanted my ex back, but I took some time for me, to think, to reflect. After some days I was able to think clearly and see that I don’t want to be with a person who doesn’t want me. It was simple for me. I loved her so much and it was hard to give up on that, but I can’t compromise on feeling loved.

Remember you can’t take someone else’s freedom, you have to respect everyone. You are hurt and yet you can take many good things and grow from the situation so don’t miss it. Don’t make a fast decision, take your time to reflect, and then you will be able to make better conclusions.

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