The Good Side Of Breakup

Let’s see the positive sides of a breakup. “What? Positive Sides? There are no positive sides…”. Maybe this is something you are thinking right now but let me surprise you.

You learn and improve

As I always say you will learn a lot after a breakup. You learn about yourself and how you can become a better person. You learn about relationships and how you can become a better partner. You learn about the pain and therefore you will be able to appreciate the good moments even more. You learn about people, who love you and who doesn’t, you will be able to recognize who appreciate you. You learn about love and its beautiful and dark sides. This is amazing and you will be surprised how strong you will be after this.

Then someone gives up on you, you win

One of the hardest things in breakup I think is the fact the person you loved so much didn’t love you enough to fight for you. This is hard to accept but this is the reality. So, if you think you lose in this breakup, think again. You won because it’s always better not to be with someone who didn’t appreciate you, who didn’t love you, who didn’t fight for you. I prefer to be alone and not to live in an illusion, I hope you too.

I don’t say you are perfect, but your partner neither was perfect and yet you loved them and fight for them and they didn’t. Remember what important is how much you loved and how fast you let go of things you can’t control. You can’t control if your ex loves you or not. You did your best, and this is what important. I really hope you understand you need to let go because all the good is waiting for you, out there.

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