What Is The Diffrence Between Moving On And Healing Yourself

Let’s talk about the difference between just moving on and truly heal yourself. Because you might think that if you moved on you are healed. But this is not always true.

After the breakup, I am sure you are angry with your ex, who changed you, told you so many things and made so many promises and now they are gone. But I don’t want this story to end this way for you, because in the end, it was an experience you need to remember the good.

Then you just move on, you maybe can find a new relationship, love again and happy. But you will still have those annoying feelings of anger or disappointment. You will think about your ex and think bad things, and this is not how it suppose to be.

I want you to reach a place where you can think about your old relationship and remember the good, all the funny moments, all the good days, all the nice experiences you had. This way you will be able to truly let go and be truly happy. I don’t the bad didn’t exist, you need to learn, but after you take your lessons just move on and don’t hold into it.

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