What To Do When Our Ex Moves On?

Do you know that feeling after a breakup when your ex moves on? You still cry for them and want to get them back. But they, they are in another place already, they’ve moved on. Maybe they even have someone new. If you can relate to this feeling, this episode is for you.

You feel bad, you don’t know how to forget your ex and you still have hope to get them back. And then, one day you discover they moved on. It makes the situation harder and today I want to talk about the feelings you might feel because of it and how to react better to the new situation.

Maybe you feel they forgot you and didn’t love you. We tend to believe that if someone moves on and dating someone new, it means they didn’t love us. We think we’re not important to them anymore and that they forgot us. In most cases this isn’t true, life just continues, and your ex decided to do the same. It doesn’t mean they didn’t love you or didn’t appreciate you. It’s doesn’t mean you aren’t important to them anymore. Also, you one day will find a new love and be with someone else and it’s doesn’t mean you didn’t love your ex, it’s just part of life.

Of course, some bad people didn’t love you nor appreciated you and, in those cases, it’s always good to know they aren’t in your life anymore. “Some won’t appreciate you no matter how much you do for them. Release yourself. Go where you’re appreciated and understood” — a quote by Robert Tew. Don’t forget that.

Maybe you want to be like your ex and move on fast the way they did. You are jealous and you don’t understand how they could do it so fast while you are still crying and hurt. You judge yourself and feel ashamed. But it’s a bad idea, because a breakup is something really painful and complicated. When you judge yourself and feel like you’re going crazy, you make the situation even more painful.

What you have to realize is that you and your ex are different. Everyone reacts differently to the breakup, everyone feels it differently, and you can’t compare yourself to anymore. When you understand that what you feel is normal and that you aren’t going crazy, you can feel relief. Also, it’s good to remember that there are times when we feel we are stuck, like everything we try doesn’t work, but the truth, is that many times the process is invisible and soon you see all the results.

The last thing I want you to know is that your ex doesn’t matter. I understand that you love them, miss them, want them back, want to prove to them that only with you they can be happy. But it’s not always true, not always what you want and wish, is the same for the other person. Your ex decided to move on and continue their life. Is it painful? Absolutely. Can they do it? Absolutely.

Now it’s time to think about yourself and your future. Set your goals, start planning projects, and things you will do. Start doing whatever you need to move on and to be happy again. Don’t let the life of your ex, who isn’t in your life anymore to affect your life. It’s time to start from the beginning and build an amazing life.

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