What To Do When Someone Wants A Break

Before my ex broke up with me, she asked for a break. She wanted to think about our relationship some days and see if she wanted to continue or not. Of course, I agreed, for me it was another chance to stay with her, I didn’t want to break up. But it was a huge warning I ignored, and finally we broke up. Today I want to share what I learn from this situation. We will discuss what you should do if someone asks you for a break.

Everything is going good and suddenly out of nowhere, or maybe after a fight, your partner asks for a break. They need some time to reflect, to see if you are a good fit for them, to think if what was good before is still good now. Most of the time the reaction is surprise, but most of the people agree. They afraid that if they don’t, their partner will decide to break up and they don’t want it. This is something natural that can catch anyone.

But asking for some space and time to reflect is a huge warning you shouldn’t ignore. It means the other side isn’t satisfied with the relationship or with you. They have problems and they can’t handle it anymore. They aren’t sure if it’s something temporal or will stay there forever so they ask for time.

What you need to do is someone ask you to take a break is to tell them you don’t agree. The reason is that, if your partner has problems, you should solve them as a couple. This is the goal of the relationship. To support each other and be there when the other side needs us. If your partner doesn’t want to solve his problems with you, it’s not a relationship. You should tell them you want to solve the problems together and be there for them. If they think they have problems that cannot be fixed within the relationship, you should break up.

When someone has problems and instead of sharing and trying to solve them, he escapes, it’s a warning. It’s a bad manner, and it’s not an accepted behavior within a relationship. You should stay away from those kinds of people. Relationship are about sharing and doing things as a couple, if someone doesn’t think you can help him solve relationship problems, you should let that person go.

Remember that your goal is to always surround yourself with people who love you, who trust you, who want you around them. No matters how much you love a person, if he doesn’t show you that you are loved, it’s a bad sign and you should stay away from such people.

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