Why Time Won’t Heal You After A Breakup

Don’t wait, work!

I want to speak about our surroundings, family, and friends, the people who are near us during the breakup phase. We as human beings have 2 main supportive systems, time, and environment. Many times, we hear the sentence that time heals everything, and this is true, somehow. Because you need to do more things. I know many people who just waited for time to do its job and nothing happened. So, don’t be that kind of person who just waits for a miracle to happen, work hard to achieve your goals, and to be happy. Another reason why you can’t trust time to do the job for you is that we can’t control time. And you know how time passes slowly throughout the breakup.

You aren’t alone

When I say environment, I mean family and friends, they can lift you and help you during these times. It’s very important to surround yourself with people who can help you and make you feel better. Friends and family can give you the power to move on, stop you from doing things you shouldn’t do, and make you feel better. Don’t feel embarrassed to tell your story, or to share what you feel. There’s nothing wrong with what you feel and it’s normal. Also, when you tell it you feel relief and people can help you.

Listen to your heart

But your friends and family aren’t perfect because no one is. And sometimes they would give you the wrong advice, you will hear so many different opinions and many ideas. You might feel overwhelmed. If this is your situation feel free to follow your heart and also don’t be shy to tell people you need time to be alone a little bit. You need to appreciate the will of people to help you but you have also the right to demand your privacy.

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