Your Ex Isn’t What Love Is

A lot of people ask me if they can fall in love again after a breakup. The answer is simple, yes you can. Let me tell you about a very important principle that will help you heal your broken heart.

I hear a lot of time people say: “I hate all the men”, “I hate all the women”, “Love sucks”, etc. If you say or believe in these sentences you need to change your attitude and let me explain why. Your is ex is only one example. There are so many people in the world, why do you give one person decide how you look at the rest?

Love is just love

Love is amazing, love makes you feel good, love has no limits, no age, no conditions. Love is just love. Maybe you had a bad relationship and your ex broke your heart and therefore you have a bad experience of love, but that doesn’t mean that this is love. Yes, I am sure that you loved your ex. But your ex isn’t what love is, please remember that you can be angry with your ex, but don’t be angry with love or with men or women in general. Not everyone is the same and not everyone will hurt you. You will find that person who will make you feel good and show you what real love is, I’m sure.

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